Privacy Policy

Last updated: February, 2019

The following Privacy Policy describes how We collect, store, use, transfer, disclose and protect Your personal information which can be identified and obtained through our Application (as defined below). Please read this Privacy Policy thoroughly to ensure that You understand how We apply this Privacy Policy.

This Privacy Policy is included as a part of Our Terms and Conditions. This Privacy Policy includes the following matters:

  1. Information we collect
  2. The use of information which We collect
  3. Sharing of information which We collect
  4. Security
  5. Changes to this Privacy Policy
  6. Miscellaneous
  7. Acknowledgement and Consent
  8. Consent Revocation and Deletion
  9. E-mail subscription cancellation
  10. How to contact us

Your use of our Application and services is subject to the Terms and Conditions and this Privacy Policy and indicates Your consent over the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

  1. Information Which We Collect
    1. We collect certain Personal Information from You to enable the Application to perform its function whether for the use of Service (if You are a Costumer) or Service provision management (if You are a Service Provider) or other functions necessary to support the Service ecosystem. You can provide Personal Information directly (for example, when You register as an Application user) or collected automatically when You use the Application.
    2. When You visit the Website, a Website administrator will process technical data such as Your internet protocol address, web pages You have visited, internet browser that You use, web pages You previously/subsequently visited and the duration of every visit/session which enable Us to send Website functions. In addition, in some cases, browser may advise You to activate Your geo-location system to enable Us give You a better experience in using the internet and/or Application. With this technical data, the Website administrators can manage the Website, for example by resolving technical difficulties and improving the accessibility of certain parts of the Website. Using this method, We can ensure that You can (always) find information on the Website in quick and simple manners.
    3. Information that You provide directly
    4. When registering to the Application, You will provide to Us certain Personal Information pursuant to Terms of Use required by each type and function of the Application.
    5. When You use the Application to use or manage a Service, You provide Us information as relevant, such as, if You are a Customer, the type of Service, pick-up/delivery location of the ordered goods/services and/or total amount of Service transaction cost, or, if You are a Service Provider, order data and data related to Service management, the amount of fund of the Service transaction and/or other data as a support for the Service ecosystem. When You use Our Application, We will also process Your technical data such as, internet protocol address, internet device identity (ID) or media access control address, and information regarding the manufacturer, model and operating system of the device that You use to access the Application. We use these data to allow Us to send the Application’s functions, to resolve technical difficulties, to provide You the correct and updated version of the Application as well as to improve the Application’s function.
    6. If You are a Customer, and if You use the Application to seek an instant courier Service or other relevant Services, We will ask for a phone number of a certain person whom the Service Provider may call to complete Your Order. You must obtain the prior consent of the person whose phone number being provided to Us by You to give his/her phone number to Us and for Us to give such phone number to the Service Provider.
    7. If You are a Service Provider, We will ask for a phone number of a party that can be contacted by the Customer using the service. You have to ensure that a prior consent from the owner of the phone number has been granted for Us to acquire such phone number and give the phone number to the Customer.
    8. In connection with the electronic money facility which may be available in the Application, We will collect information relating to such electronic money transaction made by You, including but not limited to the name of the bank, the name of the account holder, the account number and the amount of money transacted facility.
    9. If You are a Customer, You may provide a referral code to other party through the Application, in the form of a message which We have prepared for You to send or broadcast through electronic messaging facility or through social media provider. You may change the sentences of the message which We have prepared before You send the message. We will not collect any data from the party to whom You send the message.
    10. Information which We collect when You use the Application
    11. When You use the Application through Your mobile device, We will track and collect the geo-location information in real-time and other relevant information to support the performance efficiency and the functions of the Application. If You are a Customer, We use this information to, among others, enable You to see the location of the Service Provider, arrange the pick-up and/or delivery location and send the information to the requested Service Provider, and to monitor the movement of the Service Provider approaching in a map in real time. If You are a Service Provider, We use the geo-location information to, among others, enable You to see the location of the Customer, goods/services, pick-up or delivery as ordered by a Customer (as relevant). We may also use the real-time geo-location information to provide assistance, resolve any technical or work difficulties which may arise when You use the Application. You may disable the geo-location tracking information on the level of Your device temporarily. Your mobile device will inform You when Your geo-location is being tracked by showing a Global Positioning System (GPS) arrow symbol.
    12. The geo-location information which We collect from the Service Provider means that We also collect information of Your movement (if You are a Customer) when You travel by using Our Service in the Application. We will also use the geo-location information in general and in an anonymous form to get the statistical information and management information for the purpose of improving the Application’s functions.
    13. Use of Cookie
    14. Cookie is a small data file placed in Your browser on Your internet device. With cookie, the feature of application and/or website that You access can save information or remember Your actions and preferences from time to time.
    15. Most of internet browsers support cookie; but You may set the browser You use to reject several types of certain cookie or specific cookie. Besides, You may delete the cookie at any time.
    16. We use cookie for several purposes. We use it, for example, to remember Your safe search preferences, to help You to use the Service (if You are a Customer) or to manage the Service (if You are a Service Provider), inform you by notification push, and to protect Your data.
  2. The use of information which We collect
    1. We use Your e-mail address, name, phone number and/or account password to verify Your ownership over an account in our Application, to communicate with You in connection with the use or management of the Service and to give You information regarding the Application. We may also use Your name, email address and phone number to send message, general update of the Application, special offers or promotions. We will also send email to You asking You to subscribe to Our mailing list. You may at any time choose not to accept the information regarding this update.
    2. We use the Customer’s geo-location and destination information to (i) find Service Provider available in the Customer’s surrounding area; (ii) help the Service Provider to calculate the cost; and (iii) analyze the Application’s pattern of use to improve the Application’s performance.
    3. We use information such as the goods being sent/delivered and/or ordered through the Service and transaction fee over the Service to determine whether the Application is able to receive the Customer’s order pursuant to the Terms of Use.
    4. We use information such as the name of the bank where the account is made and saved and the amount transacted using the electronic money in the Application system to ensure the receipt of the related party over the money transacted through the electronic money system.
    5. We use Your Personal Information entirely to analyze the Application’s pattern of use. You hereby agree that Your data will be used by Our internal data processing system to ensure the delivery of the best function of the Application to You.
  3. Sharing of Information Which We Collect
    1. If You are a Customer, after receiving Your order, We will share information such as Your name, phone number, location, destination, geo-location, goods/service being ordered and/or transaction fee to the Service Provider receiving Your request over the Service. This information is necessary for the Service Provider to contact You, and/or find You and/or complete Your order. We will also give the phone number of the party that can be contacted which You have provided to us to the Service Provider when You use the Application to use the instant courier Service or other relevant Services.
    2. If You are a Service Provider, after receiving an order from the Customer, We will give information such as Your name, phone number, location, geo-location, vehicle identification number or operator of the Service provision under Your management to the Customer ordering Your Service. This Information is necessary for the Customer to contact You and/or monitor the delivery of the goods/services being ordered by the Customer.
    3. You hereby agree and give Us the power to share Your Personal Information to the Service Provider (if You are a Customer) or the Customer (if You are a Service Provider) as a part of the Terms of Use. Your Personal Information will be automatically deleted from the Application being used by the Service Provider (if You are a Customer) or the Customer (if You are a Service Provider) after the Service transaction is completed. However, there is a possibility that the Service Provider/Customer (as relevant) may save Your data in their device in any manner. Communication between the Customers and Service Providers made outside of the Application (such as communication by telephone or short message or other communication features outside the Application) may also be saved in the related devices. We are not liable for any data being recorded in such manners and on such basis. You agree to indemnify, pay damages to and release Us from any responsibilities over any abuse of Your Personal Information by the Service Provider/Customer (as relevant) after the Service is completed.
    4. We may employ or cooperate with companies and persons as third parties to facilitate or provide support in developing the Application and certain services to Us and/or on Our behalf, to, among others (i) provide customers’ assistance; (ii) provide geo-location information; (ii) perform services relating to Website (including but not limited to maintenance, database processing, web analysis and Website feature perfecting services); (iv) assist Us in analyzing how the Application and Services are used as well as their development; or (v) to assist Our professional advisor or external auditor, including legal advisor, financial advisor, and consultants. These third parties have access over Your Personal Information only to perform those tasks for Us and/or on Our behalf and [the third parties] are contractually bound not to disclose or use the Personal Information for any other purpose.
    5. We shall not share Your Personal Information to any party other than to the related Service Provider (if You are a Customer) or Customer (if You are a Service Provider) and the third parties as mentioned in the above paragraph 4 letter d, without Your consent. However, We will disclose Your Personal Information to the extent it is required by law or required to comply with the provisions of the laws and regulations, government institution, or in case of a dispute, or any form of legal proceeding between You and Us, or between You and other user in connection with, or relating to the Service, or in an emergency condition relating to Your health and/or safety.
    6. Your Personal Information may be transferred, stored, used, and processed in a jurisdiction other than Cambodia where Our servers are located.
    7. We shall not sell or lease Your Personal Information to a third party.
  4. Security

Confidentiality of Your data and personal information is the most important matter for Us. We will conduct the best effort and steps to protect and secure Your data and Personal Information. However, We cannot fully guarantee that Our system is totally impenetrable by virus, malware, disruption or extraordinary occurrence including unauthorized access by a third party. You may not disclose Your account password to anyone and must always maintain the security of the device You use.

  1. Changes to this Privacy Policy

We may change in this Privacy Policy to reflect the changes in Our activity. If We change this Privacy Policy, We will notify You through e-mail or through announcement in the Website 1 (one) day prior to the changes become effective. We advise You to visit this page periodically to obtain the latest information regarding how We enforce this Privacy Policy.

  1. Miscellaneous

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

  1. Except as otherwise set forth in these Terms, these Terms shall be exclusively governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Cambodia.
    1. In the event that the law in an Alternate Country does not allow jurisdiction to be that of the courts of Cambodia or where judgment of Cambodian court is unenforceable in the Alternate Country, unresolved disputes shall be referred to the Singapore International Arbitration Centre (“SIAC”), in accordance with the Rules of the SIAC as modified or amended from time to time (the “Rules”) by a sole arbitrator appointed by the mutual agreement of the Parties (the “Arbitrator”). If Parties are unable to agree on an arbitrator, the Arbitrator shall be appointed by the President of SIAC in accordance with the Rules.
  1. Acknowledgment and Consent
    1. By using the Application, You acknowledge that You have read and understood this Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use and agree and accede to the use, practice, processing and transfer of Your Personal Information by Us as stated in this Privacy Policy.
    2. You also represent that You are entitled to share all of the information You have provided to Us and to give Us the power to use and share such information to the Service Provider (if You are a Customer) or Customer (if You are a Service Provider) to support and perform the function of Application.
  2. Consent Revocation and Deletion

Unless regulated otherwise in the laws and regulation, You may perform Your consent revocation of the collection, use and/or disclosure of Your Personal Information and/or deletion of Your Personal Information, the requirements and procedures of which are pursuant to the laws and regulation specifically regulating this matter.

Consent revocation or deletion of Your Personal Information whether all or in part, may no longer allow You to use our Application and/or Website. You hereby state that You have acknowledged and understood the consequences of the consent revocation and/or the deletion of Your Personal Information.

  1. E-mail subscription cancellation

We have a policy for You to be able to choose to subscribe or unsubscribe from Our mailing list. If You wish to unsubscribe from Our email, please click the unsubscribe link attached to each of those e-mails.

  1. How to Contact Us

If You have further questions regarding Your privacy and information security or You wish to update or delete Your data, please contact Us at: